Oahu.js API

This describes the resources that make up the official Oahu.js API. If you have any problems or requests please contact support.

Note: This API is in a beta state. Breaking changes may occur.

Load Oahu.js

You first need to load the library. To do so, just add the following script in your HTML file :

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://connect.aohu.js/build/oahu.js"></script>

Add the root element in your HTML file :

<div id="oahu-root"></div>

Before being able to use the proper Oahu.js API, you need to initialize the Oahu client by calling Oahu.init :

Oahu.init( [options], [callback] )

Example :

Oahu.init({}, function(client) {
  // do something when init is done.

Options (optional)

Callback (optional)

A function that will be invoked as soon as the component is initialized and ready to be used.